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We had a great time at the Wooden Boat Challenge. The Bar-Ba-Loot was the prettiest boat and the fastest boat, at least in a straight line.

18 teams had 3 hours to build their boat out of two sheets of 3/8 plywood, some 1×2 and 2×2 sticks, screws, three tubes of caulk, and some plastic sheet and rope.

I only saw one sailboat this year (using the plastic sheet and rope) It got to the mark very quickly on a beam reach, but broke its rig during the gybe around the mark.

Team deedsdesign built the kayak pictured below.

Onlookers peer at The Bar-Ba-Loot under construction

construction underway

This series of photos shows the start of the championship race. Our downfall was being a bit slow out of the gate and running into a traffic jam just past the end of the dock.

Third Place

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Come watch! April 28

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