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Photo courtesy of Forrest Fennell

My clients in Fairfax are close to buttoning up the exterior of their addition. Pictured here are Serious Materials 725 Series fiberglass windows (well above average R-value for a window: R-6-R-7, depending on the type.) and wood siding over Homeslicker plus Typar to create a drainage plane behind the siding.

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My owner-builder client in Fairfax found these carriage doors at Evergreen Carriage Doors in Bremerton Washington

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In case you’ve been wondering what deedsdesign has been up to, besides enjoying Thanksgiving with friends and family,  I visited a few job sites last week to check in.

Fairfax addition and remodel: exterior insulation and reinstallation of the old siding as a rainscreen – This is the owner and two uncles working together

Truss roof rafters installed on my Richmond addition, now plumber and electrician hard at work

Albany Chinese Medicine Store: finished and open for business complete with handicap access ramp

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I took a trip to Fairfax this morning to check out the progress on this creekside addition. The owner and many of his family members are undertaking the construction of this 800 SF addition and remodel of an 100 year old cabin themselves.

Justis Fennell, a passionate Passive House enthusiast is seen here on the front porch talking on the phone to one of his air sealing product suppliers. Justis is the Air Sealing Specialist for the project.

This is the house from afar. The decision was made to carefully remove all of the old painted redwood siding, add plywood sheathing, 3/4″ xps insulation (R4), and a drainage plane, and reinstall the original siding as a rainscreen.

This is the client, his brother and uncle working on installing the last pieces of roof sheathing.

Here you can see the start of the airsealing process – bright blue Ecoseal that is installed using a high powered airless sprayer to make sure it gets deep in to all the gaps and crevices. You can also see the 24″ oc 2×6 framing.

Framing Photo here.

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