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I met up with an old friend in Las Vegas last week.  Her employer always puts her up in very nice hotels.  I enjoy seeing the details of the rooms and lobbies. This time it was The Cosmopolitan, one of the newer hotels on the strip.  Here is a  photo of the west tower only.  I like the of blue linear lights on the façade. There are also big private balconies attached to most of the rooms.

Here is a less glamorous photo in daylight that shows both towers

Here are three photos of the hotel room. Nice how the vanity and tub area is open to the room, making the space feel bigger.

Hotel room – there is a huge balcony on the other end of the room.

sparkly light fixture

sparkly light fixture and wall paper

The next few photos are all taken on the main floor – casino, bars, and lobby. It is quite spectacular really, but it is the opposite of restrained. Everything shimmers and sparkles and there is a dazzling array of patterns, lights, mirrors, and colors. The aura throughout is opulence and  extravagance. It felt strange to walk these halls in flip flops and cotton. Diamonds and pearls would be right at home. Sequins and rhinestones would fit in too.

opulence and sparkle in the casino & lobby

more shimmer and sparkle

another shot of the main floor

casino glamor

The Chandelier Bar

Even the bathroom signage is shimmery and fancy

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Removal of material in decorative pattern creates sparkle of light on plain steel chair back

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Sparkly Concrete

Its hard to get a good photo of sparkly concrete, but I’m sure you’ve all seen it on a sidewalk somewhere. Some people call it “urban sparkle”

A few years ago I tried to find out how to make it for my own house. I tried mica flakes, but it didn’t shimmer like I was hoping. Recently I searched the internet again and found several sources for sparkly sprinkles to add on top of still -wet concrete:

Sparkle Grain is an eye-catching, black or white sparkle, concrete finish for interior or exterior concrete surfaces.  Specifically designed for light to heavy usage on sidewalks, steps, ramps; in shopping centers, houses, garages, and stores; and in wineries, schools and public buildings.
Sparkle Grain also adds slip-resistance to concrete, which also means increased wear resistance compared to untreated concrete floors.

US Concrete Materials LLC

“Concrete Shake-on to produce a decorative, glitter surface that is hardened, non-dusting, and non-slip.
(Also for “General purpose polishing, lapping, blasting, compounds, vitrified and resinoid wheels, primarily for grinding and finishing non-ferrous and non-metallic materials.”)

Next time I’ll be ready!!!

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