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I took this photo a while back when I installed my blue powdercoated steel Ikea cart in its spot. I was very excited because it was a perfect fit and made use of an underutilized space in my kitchen. It was also very affordable. You can also see my nifty reuse of sailboat rigging (cleat, block, and line) to make an adjustable countertop. The diamond cabinet is also from Ikea but the drawer faces were custom made by me out of fir plywood and white paint. The coordinated geometric pattern dish towel was also from Ikea, but hand dyed with tea, coffee, and beets to get rid of the bright white background. The mini wedgewood range is at least 50 years old and works great with style.


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We had a great time at the Wooden Boat Challenge. The Bar-Ba-Loot was the prettiest boat and the fastest boat, at least in a straight line.

18 teams had 3 hours to build their boat out of two sheets of 3/8 plywood, some 1×2 and 2×2 sticks, screws, three tubes of caulk, and some plastic sheet and rope.

I only saw one sailboat this year (using the plastic sheet and rope) It got to the mark very quickly on a beam reach, but broke its rig during the gybe around the mark.

Team deedsdesign built the kayak pictured below.

Onlookers peer at The Bar-Ba-Loot under construction

construction underway

This series of photos shows the start of the championship race. Our downfall was being a bit slow out of the gate and running into a traffic jam just past the end of the dock.

Third Place

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Come watch! April 28

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John is working on this little cabinet to fill an abandoned chase in my cousin Lara’s kitchen.  She got the cabinet in exchange for a month or two of weekly cello lessons.   What a deal!

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The tall cabinet is installed with a peg leg made from plumbing parts. It awaits the doors. Stay posted.

tall cabinet post 1

tall cabinet post 2

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Prototype #1 is finished with a bit of pyrography – a prehistoric winged creature.

Apologies to customers waiting for treasure chests, this one has become my toilet paper storage box.  As you can see there are many uses for such a chest.  Soon we will have prototype #2 underway.

treasure chest post 1

treasure chest post 2

treasure chest post 3

more photos of the bathroom 

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I’ve made progress on the prototype. The lid is installed. I fashioned a hinge out of retired spectra running rigging from the 5o5 Bar-ba-loot (pictured below). The hinge needs a little fine-tuning, but I like the Xs. I handcarved the curves in the lid.  Nice soft fir makes for easy carving.

Treasure chest Post 1 Treasure chest post 2

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Box corner jig

gluing up the prototype with box corners

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