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This recent full house remodel and additions in Berkeley turned out great. I don’t usually use so much wood, but it makes this house very cozy. More photos soon!


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2434 McGee 3D Sketch 7_8_16

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photo 1 (5)


These are La Cantina doors connecting a new family room with vaulted ceiling to the garden.

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evening shadows

I was biking past to see how the revised stucco color looked on this almost finished project and caught some nice shadows. A good side benefit of a subtle stucco color.

I am loving the new hobbit door!

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Progress!  This is a whole house inside and out remodel in North Berkeley. Stay tuned for more pictures as it comes together over the next few weeks.


Vaulting the livingroom ceiling


Wider openings with arches! Now you can see all the way through to the garden in the back

New front hobbit door!


New front windows – just like the old but energy efficient and we raised them up for privacy and easier furnishing of the room

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This 1972 budget modern house needed a tune-up. In the process of replacing the windows & siding, adding insulation, replacing the double level deck, and adding exterior window shades and a bright red-orange awning on the NW & SW sides, we also rearranged things and made the floor plan work better. That was the most satisfying part of the project, but it is hard to show it in photographs. Type “Navellier” in the search box to the right for photos of the process.

before for blog

Here are some photos after construction:

Approaching the house

Approaching the house

isabel 048

New entry door and porch

isabel 040brightx2

isabel 006

Exterior window shades and awning (retracted) and fibercement siding installed as a rainscreen

Redwood and stainless steel railing

Guillaume and Freddy under the bright red awning

Guillaume and Freddy under the bright red awning

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colorful fresco in the loggia

More of the fresco in the loggia

decorative cutout in a wood door panel

Foyer with concrete tracery and view through to garden

cute kitchenette in guest suite

I took these photos with my phone.

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My owner-builder client in Fairfax found these carriage doors at Evergreen Carriage Doors in Bremerton Washington

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long dock and little house on Tomales Bay

water side of Tomales Bay house

door with porthole

view through porthole 1

view through porthole 2

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Saloon doors are a curious architectural concept.  They do not function as a door for security, weather protection, or acoustical privacy.  They sort of just block the way and create an impediment for easy passage. They might even slap you on the butt on the way through if the hinges are springy. What’s the point? What was the point in the old west of the USA where they were popularized for saloon entryways, at least in the movies? I’m not sure.

They symbolically indicate a point of entry and can screen the interior from view….but a regular door could do this too, and more.

I saw these nice saloon doors through the window of a tattoo parlor in San Rafael, CA.   In this example they are more like a gate. They say:  stop. wait. get permission from the gate keeper before you enter.

My friend Martina had red-painted saloon doors between her kitchen and dining room. I wish I had a picture because they were cool. I think the point of her doors was purely decorative. They did screen the view of the kitchen a bit from the table, but mostly they made you feel like you were in a saloon…

I found another good example of useful saloon doors. This nice black pair (Hunter House, Birmingham, Michigan) screen the entrance to the bathrooms.  The space  is tight, so saloon doors are helpful because you can see over them and are less likely to open them into another person.

(The artistic composition of T-bar wall panels an framed art is also quite nice here)

saloon doors at Hunter House, Birmingham, Michigan

A demonstration of the the utility of saloon doors - privacy, but you can still see

A demonstration of the the utility of saloon doors – privacy, but you can still see

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Pastis and Cognac are happy that their owners kept one clear pane for them

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The front door was installed yesterday.  Now we are working out the trim details.  (Ignore the blue painters tape please)

We decided to make the fir continue all the way to the ceiling and the corner for simplicity   Having a sliver of white to the right of the door and a wider sliver above would have diminished the installation.   I admit some influence by the intersecting planes of  Gerrit Rietveld’s  Schröder House

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