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The builder (McBride Construction) is working his way through the punch list. We are both proud of how this rental cottage is turning out. Here are a couple of his snapshots:

The first one is the kitchen with built-in dish drying rack over the drainboard and apple-ply cabinets. The second is the little dining nook with storage benches and salvaged fir built-in table.

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XYLO Interiors is fabricating this trestle table for my Rockridge cottage project out of the fir framing wood salvaged from the cottage during the remodel. It’s looking good! (See progress photos below sent from the shop)



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Contractor: Steve Coleman

Photographer: Nancy Kalter-Dills

dsc_0192 dsc_0165 dsc_0099 dsc_0062 dsc_0025 dsc_0156 img_4548 dsc_0195 dsc_0134 dsc_0103 dsc_0257

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This fun kitchen was selected for the 2015 Rockridge Kitchen Show! Come take a tour on Sept 20. Tickets available here.

Photos by Nancy Kalter-Dills.

This was actually part of a whole house remodel. Click for  ASBUILT FLOORPLAN and NEW FLOORPLAN to see how the house was rearranged.

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We recently finished this kitchen expansion project in Berkeley. Nice work Greenfield Builders! Photos courtesy of Chris D’Andrea the general contractor (Greenfield Builders)

2015-07-08 13.51.20 Fir Kitchen


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Zinc and Fir

Photo credit – Nancy Kalter-Dills

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Prototype #1 is finished with a bit of pyrography – a prehistoric winged creature.

Apologies to customers waiting for treasure chests, this one has become my toilet paper storage box.  As you can see there are many uses for such a chest.  Soon we will have prototype #2 underway.

treasure chest post 1

treasure chest post 2

treasure chest post 3

more photos of the bathroom 

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I’ve made progress on the prototype. The lid is installed. I fashioned a hinge out of retired spectra running rigging from the 5o5 Bar-ba-loot (pictured below). The hinge needs a little fine-tuning, but I like the Xs. I handcarved the curves in the lid.  Nice soft fir makes for easy carving.

Treasure chest Post 1 Treasure chest post 2

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After gluing the box together, it needed some sanding.


The  lid is made from two fir 2×6 scraps and a redwood 2×4 scrap that John brought home from his job site.  Better than average specimens, with fairly straight, tight grain; they are probably from appearance grade stock.   I did not have a planer on hand, but they were pretty straight and flat.  I used my new jointer to make edges flat and perpendicular to the faces. I also used the jointer to clean up the faces. (This is usually accomplished by a planer) Then I glued and clamped them together as shown in this photo.


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I recently paid a visit to the little cottage in Philo that I designed a few years ago. I was happy to see that the owners were using the cozy little space and had decorated in good taste. I took a few pictures since I only have photos of the unfurnished rooms on my website.

Finally they moved a couch into the little cabin…and lots of other things too

The builder took the liberty to use some of the 100 year old salvaged redwood siding from my house in Berkeley to make this cute little vent cover

Still no art on the tall southern wall. stay posted. I think a painting will be installed soon

The loft above has been furnished too! complete with a painting of bruce lee and sheer curtains!

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This Cadillac Trash Can has a top shelf for plants, a shelf for holding tuna for the cat, and a space below to push the dog bowls out of the way. It is built from remnants, so I didn’t have complete control of the proportions: Richlite top, fir sides, plywood shelves, door, & back panel

Decorated with pencil and Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel (zero VOC and compostable)

The door flips open on and is held at the proper angle by rope salvaged from a sailboat. Small clothespins attach the bags to the door for easy access

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