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These are La Cantina doors connecting a new family room with vaulted ceiling to the garden.

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Work proceeds, but still mostly deconstruction of this old house. IMG_5717 With interior walls torn out it is cool to be able to see all the way through the house from the front door. IMG_5715

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This new remodel project in Berkeley is underway. They are doing a full house remodel and are smart to make sure that the exterior envelope is in good shape. In our climate these zero overhang stucco houses with old fashioned stucco details (stucco all the way to dirt and no weep screed) often have a lot of rot hidden behind the stucco. You can see some of it in the photos below. The next step will be to remove all the old sheathing and check the studs for rot. After repairing any rotten framing, the contractor will add new plywood sheathing and replace all the windows with modern double glazed models.

IMG_2483 IMG_2485

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