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At last this sculptural TV cabinet is in place and all the cords contained neatly in the base.

The seven variously sized compartments are designed to hold the cable box, remote controls, and perhaps a dvd or a few books. The two seams in the Paperstone top elegantly slice the pentagon into three pieces. The sturdy painted poplar blocks that form the support structure are staggered in and out. The deeper set blocks disappear into the blackness of the piece.

Thanks to Gabe of Semolina Designs for selling me the remnant and helping with fabrication of the Paperstone top.

black cabinet 1

black cabinet 2

black cabinet 3

I’ll post photos of the finished kitchen next.

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While I was working on this piece, the Royal Wedding occurred in England.  Queen Elizabeth was praised by the press for the “timeless elegance” of her cheerful yellow suit and matching hat.  It is proper for a queen to be dignified yet approachable. Reading about the contrast between the queen’s attire and the more modern styles that were worn by other guests reminded me of the contrast between my two recent furniture projects. The yellow corner cabinet is cheerful and whimsical,  while the simple, black, angular lines of the TV cabinet  speak a different language.

It has been a complex design and assembly process, accommodating various components and cords, but it is almost finished.

One more coat of polish, and then we deliver and install.

post 1

post 2

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This Cadillac Trash Can has a top shelf for plants, a shelf for holding tuna for the cat, and a space below to push the dog bowls out of the way. It is built from remnants, so I didn’t have complete control of the proportions: Richlite top, fir sides, plywood shelves, door, & back panel

Decorated with pencil and Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel (zero VOC and compostable)

The door flips open on and is held at the proper angle by rope salvaged from a sailboat. Small clothespins attach the bags to the door for easy access

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