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A while back I visited this cute little cottage in Oakland. The couple living there had been told by the landlord that it was designed by Julia Morgan. I couldn’t find any proof of this, so I delayed publishing my photos in hopes that I could find the proof. Now I just want to share some of the pictures regardless of who designed it.

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Something to be said for keeping it simple.

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I am so excited about this bench that I can’t wait for better photos. I’ll add some later. My friends Jim and Treacy Malloy bought it for me at an auction at the YWCA. It is originally from the Oakland YWCA, designed by Julia Morgan and completed in 1915. It is perfect in my rustic kitchen.  You will see this better when I add some photos not taken with my phone. (although this photo does have my cat Frodo’s tail, which is hard to beat.)

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colorful fresco in the loggia

More of the fresco in the loggia

decorative cutout in a wood door panel

Foyer with concrete tracery and view through to garden

cute kitchenette in guest suite

I took these photos with my phone.

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