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The builder, Steve Coleman,  just sent me these snapshots of an almost finished 2-story addition in Oakland.  The high window faces east and morning light streams in.

The large room contains kitchen, living room, and dining area.

The roof has a pitch change at the eave (matching existing early 1900’s house) that is carried through to the interior.

Steve’s snapshot video of the white ceiling fan that disappears into the white ceiling:

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de Young Museum SF Main Entry in Morning Light

The main entry to the de Young Museum in the late morning – If only we all could afford skins of copper in custom patterns.

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I was visiting my carpenter friend last week for lunch and got to see this project before the client finished moving in. The architect made a lot of nice moves in renovating this old house.  He vaulted the ceilings, opened up the space, and connected better to the backyard, Sunlight comes in through a few  well placed skylights, big south-facing french doors, and a high window in the hall. I am sitting in the front room and I can see the back yard at the end of the hallway. The hallway has to slice through the house at an angle to make this happen. Unusual geometries result from the angled hallway, but since they result from a purposeful  move they do not seem contrived.


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