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XYLO Interiors is fabricating this trestle table for my Rockridge cottage project out of the fir framing wood salvaged from the cottage during the remodel. It’s looking good! (See progress photos below sent from the shop)



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This bedroom was part of a recent full house remodel in Rockridge. I finally had a chance to publish a few photos. Due to the multicolor light, the colors are not perfect in these photos, but hopefully you can get the idea.  Photos are by Nancy Kalter-Dills.

This one shows the pair of colorful stained glass casement windows – A collaboration with Sabina Frank of Berkeley. It also shows the steel bed designed by myself to go with the windows and fabricated by Frank Trousil in Richmond.  Lights are from Metro Lighting in Berkeley and the flooring is ash.


The next few show the custom closet system fabricated by Martin Lee in Oakland.  My favorite part is the picture frames built into the doors. This gives the owner the opportunity to personalize the doors that they look at from the bed every day.


Hard to see in this photo, but Martin created crafty little wooden levers to hold in the picture and the glass on the inside of the door.


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Art Tile fir drawers

spade cutout pulls (Armoire by Dickson Schneider I believe)


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Stereo cabinet


This was my weekend project- lifting the record player up away from baby fingers.

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minnow belly table

Searching for something in my portfolio photo collection today I happened upon this nice one of my minnow belly table with leaves.

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I finally had a chance to take a few photos of one of our most recent treasure chests. We made this one for Kavi out of maple and a painted poplar top. The hinges are special soft close hinges to protect his small fingers. The paint is my favorite Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel. I had to use a bit of a different paint for the dark brown part.

Here is a picture of Kavi and his box

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I just returned from a weekend at Yosemite National Park. We enjoyed the fall colors and the stunning natural beauty, but there are also some nice architectural details in the park. The Ahwahnee Hotel  is full of decoration and geometric designs. Painted decoration, upholstery, and patterns made of wood and steel are everywhere. The Wawona Hotel, at the other end of the park is a timepiece from the early 1900s with simple white-painted buildings and kitschy pine cone chandeliers in the dining room.

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I made this painted plywood seat for my friend Matt’s family heirloom chair a while back. Just happened upon the photo while searching through my files.

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I am so excited about this bench that I can’t wait for better photos. I’ll add some later. My friends Jim and Treacy Malloy bought it for me at an auction at the YWCA. It is originally from the Oakland YWCA, designed by Julia Morgan and completed in 1915. It is perfect in my rustic kitchen.  You will see this better when I add some photos not taken with my phone. (although this photo does have my cat Frodo’s tail, which is hard to beat.)

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Weathering Steel or COR-TEN steel weathers to a nice coppery brown color, then stops rusting for the most part. John welded up this planter box for a garden in Rockridge, CA this morning.

corten steel planter box

Isba supervises

Welder and two Landscape Architects

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This prototype is solid 1.125″ thick poplar. It also has box joint corners and a piano hinge.

I am using my old artist oils for this decorative paint job. I went to the art store for a new paintbrush and noticed that they now sell “water- mixable” oil paints. I am curious how those work.

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Back of the napkin sketch – prototype 3

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