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Melissa Macdonald Metalwork fabricated these two nice powder-coated steel awnings for us. They will protect the big window and backdoor from the weather.   Hopefully, they will install the third one on my house soon.  Photos by John McBride

RoofletRooflet 1

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Complex cabinetry coming together in a Rockridge Cottage

Roof framing in Temescal speeding along in advance of the forecasted rain


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Ceramic Studio in Oakland

Small Inspector

Little tree in the corner

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The first three shots here are showing the site work for a new little ceramic studio. We are saving that little citrus tree and the foundation will angle around it. This will create an interesting interior space with a cozy sitting area on one end and a wider studio area at the other.  The lot slopes down to the right and we are adding a retaining wall along the property line to level the lot. The concrete walls will be board-formed and hopefully look very nice.

Formwork for retaining walls IMG_0954

This is John McBride, hard at work. Oscar and Jose behind working on the excavation for the footing.

McBride Construction at Work

Here you see a new 3/16″ thick steel awning recently installed. Gonzalvo is installing the lag screws. There will be another similar awning over the doors above. I tried to talk the owner into painting them bright blue or fireball orange to match their front door, but she chose a more conservative and very classy grey brown. Kind of like wrought iron.

This is a different job. They have just installed that 3/16" Steel Awning. Very Heavy. (Thanks for the photo Steve Coleman)

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I was doing research in the neighborhood of a new second floor addition project (looking at details on similar houses) and I encountered this gem. It reminded me of an earlier post Dormer Extravaganza in Berkeley. 

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Contractor Eric Angress arrives in his red electric chevy

The shadows of Architect and Contractor studying the unfortunate roof design on a house in Oakland

New roof and wall framing almost done

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Grosse Pointe, Michigan,  Photo courtesy of Ralph Deeds

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My friend Carl Milsum just installed this simple and sturdy new aluminum entry roof to protect visitors at his front door.  It might look better without the diamond plate, but I think he got a special deal on this material.

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