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2015-06-10 12.30.19

There is a spot for everything in this mudroom – Shoe cubbies below, ample storage for scarves, dog leashes, hats, and bags under the bench seats (solid ash), and lots of pegs on the wall.

Photo Credit – Nancy Kalter-Dills

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Blue rays

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nice walnut street house

This old house near my office caught my eye this afternoon. I am curious how they maintain that  beautiful wood. Is it original? It looks like high quality material. I bet they restain it frequently. The combination of stained wood and painted wood details is nicely done. I particularly like the gable end details.

nice walnut street house detail 3

nice walnut street house detail 1

nice walnut street house detail 2

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The old part of the town of Comanche has traditional layout with a central square and the government building in the middle. Unfortunately, around the central building is a parking lot rather than a park, which would be much nicer.


All the old buildings around the square are falling into disrepair while the newer buildings and businesses on the less pedestrian friendly fast roads through town are doing better. It almost seems like it could be a movie set old west town…except that it feels authentic, and not very many tourists to be found. I captured some of the many creative touches of the locals.


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I finally had a chance to take a few photos of one of our most recent treasure chests. We made this one for Kavi out of maple and a painted poplar top. The hinges are special soft close hinges to protect his small fingers. The paint is my favorite Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel. I had to use a bit of a different paint for the dark brown part.

Here is a picture of Kavi and his box

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I just returned from a weekend at Yosemite National Park. We enjoyed the fall colors and the stunning natural beauty, but there are also some nice architectural details in the park. The Ahwahnee Hotel  is full of decoration and geometric designs. Painted decoration, upholstery, and patterns made of wood and steel are everywhere. The Wawona Hotel, at the other end of the park is a timepiece from the early 1900s with simple white-painted buildings and kitschy pine cone chandeliers in the dining room.

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The painters are finishing up. All the trim, doors, and cabinetry are painted with Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel, a very pleasing product that is also very green.


Guillaume and Freddy, of Canivet Construction, making sure everything is ship-shape

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I made this painted plywood seat for my friend Matt’s family heirloom chair a while back. Just happened upon the photo while searching through my files.

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More info on this project can be found here:



New Burgee

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This prototype is solid 1.125″ thick poplar. It also has box joint corners and a piano hinge.

I am using my old artist oils for this decorative paint job. I went to the art store for a new paintbrush and noticed that they now sell “water- mixable” oil paints. I am curious how those work.

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