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Photo Credit – Sita Rupe

Builder – John McBride

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First, a before shot:



The multilevel decks needed replacing, but on the other side of the house was an inspiring curved, streamlined fence:

streamlined, curved fence

We built new decks using Machiche, a more sustainably harvested wood similar to Ipe. We changed the level of the decks to make them more accessible from the living space, eliminated some deck to make room for more garden, and tied the Washington Street side together with a simple clear cedar screen

Here are  Some concept sketches:


scheme inage

We await final carpentry details and the work of Erin and her gardener, but the machiche decks and cedar screen (fabricated by Ron Tostenson and his crew) are looking great!

from the west

IMG_6805 IMG_6817 IMG_6802

IMG_6808 IMG_6806

IMG_6815 IMG_6814

IMG_6810 IMG_6808

I got a few more photos from the contractor – after he applied the sealer. He is an artist.

stirs 77 vine no toilet 77 vine from west 77 vine corner 77 vine artistic photo 1 77 Vine artisitc photo 2 77 vine 77 vine deck

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I was very happy to see this recent project full of people enjoying the newly connected living spaces and yard. The owners also built several nice cabinets and shelving themselves. These are just phone snapshots of the space…..and yes it does look like they might need a new couch at some point. Turned out great! (Thanks Berkeley Craftsman)

Front parlor with hammock

Willa testing out the hammock

Family roomConnection to the yard

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I did these sketches a while back for a client who wanted to divide a shared yard and create more privacy

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This small addition is a spa-like bathroom designed to be more accommodating to a person growing older. My client also wanted space for plants in the room, including her large ficus plant that was outgrowing her house.  They are getting close to finishing the project, but I took some photos of the almost finished interior. Most of the interior design elements were chosen by the client…but deedsdesign guided the project in subtle ways.

Some of the collaborators:

Richard Pollack Tile, Peter Renoir Plumbing,  Semolina Design (Provided and fabricated the Richlite remnant), Angress Construction

Tiled Shower

Tile Sink and Ficus

addition almost finished

addition almost finished

renoir plumbers

Peter Renoir Plumbing (Blake and Modesto) Finishing the Plumbing Installation – Blue Richlite Countertop is a remnant fabricated by Semolina Design.

2013-09-10 09.09.53

2013-08-13 11.17.21


2013-07-31 16.14.15

2013-07-29 18.38.37

Henry and Ruben ponder the floor framing

Marcia and the house before

Marcia’s Ficus

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compost heater

A simple diagram taken from this site….full of a lot of similar concepts for sustainable living.

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grey water with bouganvilla

Yes, my Bougainvillea looks pretty sad, but hopefully soon Ill have some good “after” shots for you. I just installed a bathtub greywater system! (See the green hose attached to the drain line?)

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trellises, vegetable beds, and roses and vines starting to climb

trellises, vegetable beds, and roses and vines starting to climb

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cor-ten fence

On my way to buy a delicious vegan donut at Fellini Coffee Bar this morning I stopped to take a picture of this redwood and cor-ten steel fence and struck up a conversation with this lively 80-something year old woman. She asked whether I liked the fence, and was very interested in cor-ten steel when I explained its properties to her. She was curious why I was interested in this fence and whether I was an artist. When I told her I was an architect she was very excited and told me that architecture is her favorite thing. She grew up in the heart of Chicago in the 30s and 40s and developed a love for buildings. Chicago is rich in architecture and its people seem to take great pride in their built environment.  She now lives in the Strawberry Creek Lodge in Berkeley and is looking forward to the renovations and seismic retrofit that is scheduled for the building.  It was nice to meet someone who appreciates architecture as much as I do.

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