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I’ve finally made it back to this Point Richmond project to add some filters and adjust the track lighting.  MUCH better now. I don’t think the owner was using the LED MR16 track fixtures much the way they were.  Now he is in good shape.


After: img_4470

It was also nice to see his new art on the white walls! (This one and the one over the couch)  img_4478

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Here are some fresh photos of the kitchen and dining area in our Brickyard Landing apartment remodel.


Looking through dining area with walnut shelving to the kitchen on north end of the long room

kitchen - dining

Removing the view-blocking upper cabinets between kitchen and dining area makes a huge difference. Now you can see the bay from the kitchen!

kitchen with ref and light

Kitchen including refrigerator with glass door and glass LED ceiling light

undercab light

LED undercabinet lights recessed into a slot

Here are the before shots:

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FullSizeRender 2

Owner and cat enjoying their kitchen

IMG_2527 2

New garage doors  and small addition with corner window


Over view of kitchen – looking through sun room to backyard



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Here are some BEFORE shots of my Pt Richmond project

And  few new AFTER snapshots

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First, a before shot:



The multilevel decks needed replacing, but on the other side of the house was an inspiring curved, streamlined fence:

streamlined, curved fence

We built new decks using Machiche, a more sustainably harvested wood similar to Ipe. We changed the level of the decks to make them more accessible from the living space, eliminated some deck to make room for more garden, and tied the Washington Street side together with a simple clear cedar screen

Here are  Some concept sketches:


scheme inage

We await final carpentry details and the work of Erin and her gardener, but the machiche decks and cedar screen (fabricated by Ron Tostenson and his crew) are looking great!

from the west

IMG_6805 IMG_6817 IMG_6802

IMG_6808 IMG_6806

IMG_6815 IMG_6814

IMG_6810 IMG_6808

I got a few more photos from the contractor – after he applied the sealer. He is an artist.

stirs 77 vine no toilet 77 vine from west 77 vine corner 77 vine artistic photo 1 77 Vine artisitc photo 2 77 vine 77 vine deck

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This is a very curious addition. At least I assume that the second floor was an addition. If it was part of the original design, then it is even more strange.

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We moved some walls and added some windows and took away a door and moved the kitchen to the other side of the house and added a bathroom and opened up the space a bit. We also upgraded the heating, hot water, ventilation systems and the electrical and lighting. The before shots don’t look anything like these almost finished shots, but you’ll just have to believe me.  The layout changed so dramatically that they are not really relevant.  Hopefully I’ll have some professional photos when its really finished! This post shows the project at an earlier stage.

The square hole in the wall to the left really helps to connect the kitchen (on left), dining (on right) and living room (beyond grey wall.) The entry closet is camouflaged in wall-matching grey paint.

6″ LED recessed lights by Cree provide ample warm light in the kitchen. Vertical grain fir custom cabinets by Steve Shada, Pika Woodworking

Low voltage art lights await the art on the living room walls

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Sometimes when you tear off the sheetrock you discover unusual framing details and problems that need to be resolved. This project had a second roof framed over the first to increase the slope and eliminate built-in gutters. There was a lot of bracing in the attic that added to the load on the ceiling joists. It was hard to tell how much of it was really necessary.

discussing framing details with collaborator Steve Shada of Pika Woodworking

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Sometimes the job calls for a very simple addition – bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and family room all in less than 500 SF, plus a new deck on the south side. and energy efficiency upgrades throughout.

Existing Floor Plan

New Floor Plan

The roofline dictated the easiest place for the addition and the owners preferred a small master bedroom and a small study/ family room rather than a large bedroom.  Adding a deck to the south off the kitchen and dining room seemed like an obvious way to fill in the corner (facing due south.) The fact that it has walls on two sides adds a bit of shelter from the wind.

The owners selected locally crafted light fixtures from Metro Lighting on San Pablo and many LED lights for the project.

Canivet Construction built the project on time and on budget (about 230/SF plus fixtures that the owner bought themselves.)

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Exterior LED light from RAB Lighting

I havent seem them turned on yet. the client will hopefully report in tonight.

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In case you’ve been wondering what deedsdesign has been up to, besides enjoying Thanksgiving with friends and family,  I visited a few job sites last week to check in.

Fairfax addition and remodel: exterior insulation and reinstallation of the old siding as a rainscreen – This is the owner and two uncles working together

Truss roof rafters installed on my Richmond addition, now plumber and electrician hard at work

Albany Chinese Medicine Store: finished and open for business complete with handicap access ramp

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