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Weathering Steel or COR-TEN steel weathers to a nice coppery brown color, then stops rusting for the most part. John welded up this planter box for a garden in Rockridge, CA this morning.

corten steel planter box

Isba supervises

Welder and two Landscape Architects

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Sometimes, when working in the driveway, people stop by to check out the action. I think John is explaining the cabinet to our curious neighbor here. He now has all five boxes assembled and primed. Here are a few more pictures of the process. Even though these boxes are painted, the woven corners show through and add a nice detail. Stay tuned for the final product.

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This new fence caught my eye from across the street

All along the fence there are rows of peep holes of different shapes and sizes.

The peep holes let a bit of light through the fence and rhythmically break up the wall of redwood boards

The boards are on the otherside for one section of fence. The neat row of cactuses along it reminded me of Frida Kahlo’s cactus fence in Mexico City

On the front corner there is yellow grid in conversation with the three squares to the right. Im not as big a fan of this side. It looks a bit too post modern.

The owner of this fence also has a bright blue garage door

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