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The city of San Francisco is close to passing new regulations for new or modified buildings to reduce danger to birds. This document outlines the hazards and some solutions.

The most dangerous buildings are those next to lush parks with a lot of windows facing the park.  It might seem like a hard sell to eliminate windows facing parks for the sake of a few birds, but the solutions are things like screens and external shading devices…and less glass….which are all good things for many other reasons.

It is also important to reduce light pollution because this can disorient birds flying at night. Less light pollution is also a good general practice.

Read more about the San Francisco Planning Department’s Progress on the issue here.

The New York Times published an article on this topic today.

I once had a dove crash into my living room window. The neighbor saw the incident and claims that the dove was being chased by a hawk.  It was very sad to find the little bird dead on the window sill.

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It is often a challenge to think of good solutions for a problematic design puzzle on a tight budget.

Like modern art!

Its not in the budget to underground the utility lines, so the plan is to install birdfeeders…..and with any luck the mess of wires will fill with birds of all sorts.

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