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Photo credit: Sita Rupe, Builder: McBride Construction

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Photo Credit – Sita Rupe

Builder – John McBride

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The garden is going in on this Oakland project. Time to go take some pictures. (Thanks to the owner for this preview)


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Drywall installation


and a new skylight over the shower


And from the desk – Design of the cabinetry and storage in the ceramic studio:

palino 3d square.1

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darth vader

John Mcbride photo. (He’s calling it Darth Vadar’s house.)

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Slowly but surely this new building is taking shape. The interesting angles create privacy from the main house and useful delineation of spaces on the inside. The siding is select tight knot cedar. The mitered corner is nicely executed by the craftsmen of McBride Construction.  Still to come – interior finishes, lighting, landscaping, and a loft. Stay posted for more photos as it unfolds.

IMG_1724 2

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Ceramic Studio in Oakland

Small Inspector

Little tree in the corner

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Photo by J. McBride : “Angular Angles” 

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McBride Construction hard at work finishing the flashing

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This fun kitchen was selected for the 2015 Rockridge Kitchen Show! Come take a tour on Sept 20. Tickets available here.

Photos by Nancy Kalter-Dills.

This was actually part of a whole house remodel. Click for  ASBUILT FLOORPLAN and NEW FLOORPLAN to see how the house was rearranged.

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Angled Pantry Shelves 1 Angled Pantry Shelves 2

Photos by John McBride

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A while back I visited my friend Mike who works at Snohetta in Manhattan.  This is one of their most popular projects.  What I like about the Oslo Opera House is that the building is part of the landscape.  The ground continues up onto the roof of the building as a place to sit and enjoy the view and also as a skateboard park. Many of Snohetta’s projects have multifaceted angular shapes that do not seem contrived. The complicated shapes result from many different decisions during design rather than forcing the design to fit into a particularly shaped envelope.

I never had a chance to share the photos from my visit to their office, so here they are:

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