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This cafe in Brooklyn, NY has done a good job of turning what would usually be considered a highly undesirable feature into what almost might be considered an asset. (Sorry that all I have are quick snap shots with my phone.)

Plumbing waste line painted and wrapped in rope ala Alvar Aalto’s Villa Mairea

Plumbing wasteline continues

more pipes

Cheerful blue pipes

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My friend Jenee just sent me this picture.  She is remodeling her 1860’s row house in Brooklyn, NY.  Some people love the construction process – bare studs, uncovering 100+ years of layers, camping out in the city, and unexpected fun like using this toilet. Some people would rather just have the job done.

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This building caught my eye because of the bold color choice that seemed unusual for a money-lending institution. The simple bright blue base complements the brick patterns above that are reminiscent of Native American designs. This shade of blue reminds me a bit of Mexico. I find the overall effect to be bold and quite pleasing…but I imagine that many might consider the blue too bright for such an application.

Below are some other shades of blue in the same neighborhood. This blue door is rather jarring with the red brick and dark trim. I’m not sure the “mexican blue” above would be any better for this house.

This blue is softer and has a bit of grey-brown mixed in. It reminds me of colonial American houses and New England.

and another blue door that is a bit more subdued and softened with white and grey.
Personally, I am actually not a fan of blue paint with red brick in any shade, bright or soft.

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I just ate dinner at this cool restaurant in Brooklyn. It was dark outside the whole time I was there. I am sure the place would feel pretty different for breakfast.

The building is an old diner train car with all the inherent architectural charm that you might imagine….. cozy narrow space, curved ceiling, lots of windows.

Instead of accentuating the 50s style, this restaurant has a different, edgier and classier sort of atmosphere.

It easily could have been overly trendy with its “derelict” finishes (ala Zoolander)

The old tile floor is patched with no attempt to hide that fact that it has been patched.

but some how it just works.

Once again the lighting is key. In this case the general lighting is dimmed, and warm flickery candlelight creates the mood.   Mirrors, shiny ceiling  and glass tiles add to the sparkle.

Lara Kaufman, who took most of these photos for me, is pictured on the right and Elissa Steglich, the local friend who took us here is on the left

Photo from Lara K showing some artful floor patches

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