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It’s not the greatest photo, but here are the promised southwestern blue (turquoise) windows.  (I found it! southwestern teal on colorswatches.com and from the Catalina Pueblo architectural guidelines – DunnEdwards Reef Encounter– DE573 ) Probably  the color is just right for the Sonoran desert because it mimics the color of copper and turquoise, abundant in the region.  This photo is the front of my aunt’s house in the Catalina Pueblo. It is part of a 108 house development designed and built in the 1970s by Don Maxon.  The association has fairly conservative design guidelines, but they do allow this one bright accent color.

Ahead of their time in the 1970s, the architect and builder preserved much of the native desert vegetation, including many saguaro that are now well over 100 years old.  They modeled the houses closely after houses in Alamos, a pueblo in Mexico, sticking to design elements that were carefully documented.  The community also has shared amenities such as swimming pools and walking trails.  I have mixed feelings about rigid design guidelines, but in this case the result is a very tasteful and cohesive architectural fabric.

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