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I just returned from a field trip to Seattle, Washington.  We visited one of my favorite buildings of all time,   The Seattle Main Public Library by Rem Koolhas,  to see how it is holding up.  It is now 7 years old and still looks great. Very raw and utilitarian…but nicely detailed to be comfortable and functional too.  This building makes me realize that it is sometimes worth the effort  to stick to your guns and convince the client to do something really different.  There is nothing conventional about this building.

We also visited Ellie Sherman at the Whidbey Institute.

She lives in a tiny cabin – about 7’x8′.

It is very cozy inside. I wish I had a photo.  There is something really nice about bedrooms just barely big enough for a bed, some clothes, and some books.

The Sanctuary is another nice building at the Whidbey Institute:

Also, on Whidbey Island, we collected a feast of clams and mussels.

We had a good local guide who shared his secret mussel patch with us.

When we returned, I took a nap in my friend Jason’s tiny retreat on wheels, only slightly bigger than Ellie’s cabin, but it contains a bed, and table for two, and a kitchenette. (you can see it here in the background behind Jason and Rosalina)

And then we cooked clams in Tofty’s  yellow kitchen

John sips wine while Jody and Vina tend to the clam sauce

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This is an art museum in Houston designed by Renzo Piano called the Menil Collection.  One particularly cool detail there is the floor registers that are turned into an artistic accent. Long straight lines with smaller lines within in the long straight hallway….nicely contrasting with the accentuated wavy wood grain.  It is also nice to have such an even distribution, rather than small holes in one corner of each room.

Rem Koolhas’s team also likes to carefully consider their HVAC details. This elegant supply register is in the Seattle Central Library….scattered throughout the lobby punctuating the varied pallet of flooring materials.

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