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The architectural highlights of my visit to the south rim of the Grand Canyon were a study in contrasts.

Mary Coulter’s Lookout studio, perched right on the rim is built of the canyon limestone and meant to blend right into the backdrop.

Lookout Studio from afar

She is successful in this goal.  Up close, once you realize there is a building,  the rustic charm is clear.

Lookout Studio: 1914, Designer Mary Colter, rough cut limestone to blend with the surroundings

On the other end of the spectrum, there are many buildings and parts of buildings  painted vibrant colors.  These sorts of color schemes are best in the bright clear sunlight of the desert or tropics.

The bright desert sun on some bold color choices

Bright painted doors

I included a photo of the curving metal railing that follows the rim just because it is simple and elegant without being institutional.

elegant curving railings at the edge of the canyon

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