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It is a good idea to put your bathroom fan on a timer so that you can set the fan to turn off in 1 minute or 30 minutes or anywhere in between. This way you get the damaging moisture out of the house without forgetting and leaving the fan on all day.

This is an elegant product from Lutron – clean looking with a sparkle of tiny lights….but it might be hard for farsighted people to read and it seems a bit complicated for what it does.

This one by Leviton has a simpler design and looks easier for clumsy fingers to operate.  I think it could lose the “min.” and just have the numbers, but perhaps then it would perplex first time users for a few seconds.

This old-fashioned spring-wound timer from Intermatic that probably makes a clicking sound as it winds down. …but its operation is very obvious.

I will report in after I test my choice, the Leviton.

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