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We (deedsdesign & Canivet Construction) have just started work on this exciting face lift and energy efficiency update in the El Cerrito Hills!

Tight budget 1972 modernism would probably be the best description of this house. It has an open floor plan, vaulted ceilings with clerestory windows and sweeping views of the bay.  Many of  the single pane aluminum windows are  such random sizes that it seems likely that the owner might have bought them for cheap somewhere (long before Craigslist) and made them fit into the design.  As is common in the east bay hills, the house has a lot of west-facing glass to take advantage of the views.  All this glass is problematic because it means that a lot of direct afternoon and evening sun blasts the living spaces.

So,  as well as replacing the aged siding with a rain screen, adding shear strength, replacing all the  windows and doors with new insulated units, rearranging and resizing many of them, replacing and slightly modifying the double-deck, adding a hot tub (!!!) and  insulating with blown-in cellulose, we are adding some exterior window shades to moderate that afternoon sun.

European Rolling Shutters  (http://www.ers-shading.com/) is providing the shades and a nice red-orange retractable awning for the deck.

Stay posted as the project evolves!

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