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On a recent visit to Tucson, Arizona I saw this cool bridge for bikes and pedestrians over East Broadway Blvd . (If you zoom into the map and switch to satellite you can see the extent of it.  It was designed by Simon Donovan.   I also liked the bright blue bollards and railing.  This particular color looks just right in the Sonoran desert, but Im not sure why. You will see the identical color in another post later this week. The painted steel mesh skin really looks like a snake – kind of like a dry, discarded snake-skin. The shadows created by the crisscrossing steel are also quite nice.

Three southwestern blue bollards

Southwestern blue ramp railing


Rattlesnake tail

Looking through the snake

Tucker exits the snake mouth

Snake head through the trees

Snake bridge body through the trees

Dagmar and Tucker walk back through towards the tail

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