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Matching victorian trim John is working in the shop today setting up his router to replicate Pete’s 100 year old exterior trim. Parts of it is rotten and the painter awaits the replicas so he can finish the job.  I will post soon with pictures of the trim installed.

IMG_8222 IMG_8223 IMG_8221

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I still haven’t had a chance to  photograph this whole house remodel in North Berkeley, but I do have a picture of the beautiful custom walnut media cabinet designed by Sarah Deeds and fabricated by Freedman and Chesley Custom Cabinets.

photo (50) photo (51)

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First, a before shot:



The multilevel decks needed replacing, but on the other side of the house was an inspiring curved, streamlined fence:

streamlined, curved fence

We built new decks using Machiche, a more sustainably harvested wood similar to Ipe. We changed the level of the decks to make them more accessible from the living space, eliminated some deck to make room for more garden, and tied the Washington Street side together with a simple clear cedar screen

Here are  Some concept sketches:


scheme inage

We await final carpentry details and the work of Erin and her gardener, but the machiche decks and cedar screen (fabricated by Ron Tostenson and his crew) are looking great!

from the west

IMG_6805 IMG_6817 IMG_6802

IMG_6808 IMG_6806

IMG_6815 IMG_6814

IMG_6810 IMG_6808

I got a few more photos from the contractor – after he applied the sealer. He is an artist.

stirs 77 vine no toilet 77 vine from west 77 vine corner 77 vine artistic photo 1 77 Vine artisitc photo 2 77 vine 77 vine deck

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Ash Flooring


This photo does not accurately show the light blond color of ash hardwood flooring, but it does show the beautiful and interesting grain pattern.

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The sheetrockers are hard at work at my Rockridge project. Here is a picture of the hallway where we are keeping the fine old ceiling joists exposed.  Stay tuned on this one. Its going to be the coolest hallway ever.

hallway ceiling with joists exposed


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My client is choosing between two very different woods for their flooring throughout the house. The samples are both very nice, so I thought I’d share them.  Both of these are finished with clear Rubio Monocoat, an environmentally friendly wood finish that is more matte than conventional floor finishes.  We are also hoping that since it is not shiny it might not show wear as much. It is much easier to repair scratches in this type of finish.

The first sample shown here is Rift Sawn Oak. It has a very regular grain pattern of tight straight lines. It is a medium warm brown color.

Select Rift Sawn Oak with Rubio Monocoat

Select Rift Sawn Oak with Rubio Monocoat

The second sample is ash. Ash has a very pretty, much less regular grain pattern and an ash blond color.

Ash Flooring with Rubio Monocoat

Ash Flooring with Rubio Monocoat

They can’t go wrong with either of these, but I am particularly partial to Ash.

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I did these sketches a while back for a client who wanted to divide a shared yard and create more privacy

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ceiling beams

I am a fan of having some exposed structure in a house. This photo shows one of the reasons. In addition to hanging a bouncy swing, these beams can make a great place to hang a mobile or colorful flags, wrap holiday lights, store fishing poles or a small boat, install lighting to shine up on the ceiling, and more.

In addition they add a three-dimensionality to the space and light filtering down through the beams from high windows creates interesting shadow patterns.

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Beautiful house bones

This is another whole house remodel project in Oakland. Stay tuned for more photos soon.

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nice walnut street house

This old house near my office caught my eye this afternoon. I am curious how they maintain that  beautiful wood. Is it original? It looks like high quality material. I bet they restain it frequently. The combination of stained wood and painted wood details is nicely done. I particularly like the gable end details.

nice walnut street house detail 3

nice walnut street house detail 1

nice walnut street house detail 2

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minnow belly table

Searching for something in my portfolio photo collection today I happened upon this nice one of my minnow belly table with leaves.

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