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I’d like to try the charred cedar, especially if it is truly durable/weather-resistant. The composting heating system is cool… might not work for everyone. The place looks great!

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This 1972 budget modern house needed a tune-up. In the process of replacing the windows & siding, adding insulation, replacing the double level deck, and adding exterior window shades and a bright red-orange awning on the NW & SW sides, we also rearranged things and made the floor plan work better. That was the most satisfying part of the project, but it is hard to show it in photographs. Type “Navellier” in the search box to the right for photos of the process.

before for blog

Here are some photos after construction:

Approaching the house

Approaching the house

isabel 048

New entry door and porch

isabel 040brightx2

isabel 006

Exterior window shades and awning (retracted) and fibercement siding installed as a rainscreen

Redwood and stainless steel railing

Guillaume and Freddy under the bright red awning

Guillaume and Freddy under the bright red awning

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I finally had a chance to take a few photos of one of our most recent treasure chests. We made this one for Kavi out of maple and a painted poplar top. The hinges are special soft close hinges to protect his small fingers. The paint is my favorite Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel. I had to use a bit of a different paint for the dark brown part.

Here is a picture of Kavi and his box

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The painters are finishing up. All the trim, doors, and cabinetry are painted with Bioshield Aqua Resin Trim Enamel, a very pleasing product that is also very green.


Guillaume and Freddy, of Canivet Construction, making sure everything is ship-shape

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My friend Matt is making progress on his little buildings! Here are a couple of older posts about the project:



It will be very nice to have the garden and patio between the main house and the small buildings with good southern exposure. (See site plan below)

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More info on this project can be found here:



New Burgee

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It is a good idea to put your bathroom fan on a timer so that you can set the fan to turn off in 1 minute or 30 minutes or anywhere in between. This way you get the damaging moisture out of the house without forgetting and leaving the fan on all day.

This is an elegant product from Lutron – clean looking with a sparkle of tiny lights….but it might be hard for farsighted people to read and it seems a bit complicated for what it does.

This one by Leviton has a simpler design and looks easier for clumsy fingers to operate.  I think it could lose the “min.” and just have the numbers, but perhaps then it would perplex first time users for a few seconds.

This old-fashioned spring-wound timer from Intermatic that probably makes a clicking sound as it winds down. …but its operation is very obvious.

I will report in after I test my choice, the Leviton.

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My friend Amanda installed this Marmoleum floor in her laundry room. I think the color choice is great in this small, mostly white room. It might be a bit busy in a bigger room with more colors, objects, and activity. Marmoleum is a great product – It is old fashioned linoleum made from “linseed oil, rosins, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments.”  It comes in a wonderful array of colors…most are subtly speckled so dirt and crumbs and scratches don’t show so much.

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Exterior LED light from RAB Lighting

I havent seem them turned on yet. the client will hopefully report in tonight.

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A young man in Wales built this house for his family using a chainsaw, a hammer and a 1″ chisel.  In some ways I am more drawn to this one than the modular one….even though it makes for rustic living. He needed no team of architects, engineers, and modular specialists. It has no green certification, but certainly far greener, except for its location in the countryside. The modular house is more suited for modern urban lifestyles.

Here is the builder, Simon Dale’s website for more pictures and information about the project.

Thank you to my British correspondent, Amanda Soskin, for sharing this gem.

Lloyd Kahn has published several books about similar creative, owner built structures. Here  is a glimpse of a recent Lloyd Kahn book that I have enjoyed very much.

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